Legal services


In life, situations often arise when legal advice is simply necessary, so I suggest you contact me for legal assistance. Experience as a lawyer (since 2005) in various companies, participation in conferences and seminars, listening to webinars on changes in the current legislation of the Russian Federation - all this helps me in my favorite work (confirmed by the presence of appropriate certificates, recommendations from clients).

Cost of legal services:

1.) Oral consultations - from 1,700 rubles (up to 30 minutes, not requiring the examination of documents).

Oral consultations - from 3,500 rubles (requiring the examination of documents).
Written consultations - from 5500 rubles (depending on the complexity of the legal problem, with the indication of the article of the law, judicial practice).

1.1.) Drafting various types of contracts - from 6,500 rubles (including agreements, annexes, acts), providing sample contracts for work - from 3,500 rubles. Drafting of non-standard contracts (mixed), if agreement with the counterparty is required (paid separately as negotiation by phone or in person) - from 8,500 rubles. Editing the terms of various types of contracts - from 4000 rubles.

1.2.) Remote legal work - the cost is discussed with the client (depending on the range of services).

1.3.) Oral consultations on criminal law - from 3,500 rubles (up to 30 minutes, not requiring the examination of documents).

1.4.) Drawing up of legal documents on criminal law - from 7,500 rubles, depending on the documents. Samples of documents - from 4000 rubles.

2.) Pre-trial work:

Drawing up claims, complaints, statements and other similar documents - from 4500 rubles.
Negotiating by phone - from 500 - 2500 rubles (depending on the complexity of the legal problem and the time of negotiations).

3.) Judicial work (without participation in court):
Drawing up claims and similar court. documents - from 8,000 rubles.
Drawing up petitions, applications - from 3,500 rubles.

4.) Judicial work:

* representation of interests in district courts - from 40,000 rubles (depending on the category of the case);

* representation of interests in arbitration courts - from 60,000 rubles (depending on the category of the case);

* appeal on appeal, cassation - from 45 000 rubles (depending on the category of the case).

* * The urgency of the provision of services (including work on weekends / holidays) is paid twice as much from the cost of the services specified in the contract or by verbal agreement (correspondence).

5.) Representation of interests in various instances - the cost of services is assessed by agreement of the parties depending on the complexity of your legal problem.

6.) Provision of legal assistance in family matters / personal lawyer - the cost of services is assessed by agreement of the parties, it is possible to provide remote assistance in family matters on the basis of a service agreement (for a certain period of time).


7.) The solution of other legal issues, the compilation of other legal documents are assessed by agreement of the parties.

 8.) When solving a legal problem, it is possible to attract other specialists (real estate appraisers, lawyers, accountants, psychologists, etc.) - the cost of services is determined by agreement of the parties.

  I draw your attention that the work of a lawyer / other specialist on weekends / holidays is paid in double size! In addition, the urgent provision of legal services is paid twice as much!

The specified cost of legal services is approximate and is determined in each case individually!

Payment methods: on the Sberbank card or otherwise by an agreement of the parties.

If you need legal advice, assistance in drafting various legal documents, you can send me your message with a specific question or a description of the situation to my email address:

You can contact me by whatsapp: +7 (925) 822 0111.

In my opinion, the relationship with the client should be based on complete trust, confidentiality, reciprocity and other constitutional principles !!!

I remind you that on my site there is a book of comments and suggestions, I will be grateful for the feedback you left about my work and your suggestions!

I am always glad to assist you in solving a legal prob